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Help Meister is an online help management system that allows webmasters to display pop-up help from any form entry field, any help icon, anything that may need explanation or expansion. Although suitable for any website, Help Meister is particularly effective with intranet applications that need to be used compliant to corporate policies and procedures.

User preferences determine if the short, standard, verbose, and/or system version of the help pops up. User preferences may also determine a second cross-type such as language or job type. For example, an office worker may see "A Hotlist shows the places you like to visit on the internet" whereas a programmer may see "A Hotlist is calculated as a composite of the URLs visited most often and most recently."

Each Help Meister pop-up provides a simple link for webmasters they can clip-and-paste onto their websites. The link displays the help, along with all help maintenance features for sys-admin level users. Webmasters, or managers they designate, can use those features to update all help records to reflect clarifications and examples derived from using the website or online application, as well as changes to corporate policies and procedures. For example, the webmaster may enter "A Drivers License is 1 letter 7 numbers" whereas a manager may add "A Drivers License is 1 letter 7 numbers. Always match the picture to the person."

On each Help Meister pop-up are Index, Search, and Manual buttons. The Index presents an alphabetized knowledge base of categories and keywords with links to matching help screens — much like the index at the back of a book. The Search function allows users to search for help that contains text they enter. The Manual button brings up the online Help Manual with the Table of Contents on the left and the contents to the right. Some or all of this Help Manual may be printed or saved to a file.

Beyond managing user help functions, Help Meister can also serve as a website's documentation for administrators, designers, and programmers. By keeping the system-level help current, Help Meister becomes the always-current User's Manual webmasters and business managers need to support their valuable online assets.

For more info on how to use Help Meister in operation, see our Features page.

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