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Different users sometimes need different types of help. Beginners may need lots of explanation, whereas veterans need brief reminders.

Help Meister allows you to set that by clicking on the "Preferences" command button.

In the example below, the user is a programmer and wishes to see more technical help when it is available. She changes the Cross-Type from "Map User - Public", which is the common or default, to "Admin".

Such "Admin" help is available whenever someone produced that help record in addition to the default. In many cases, such "Admin" level help will not be available, typically because there is nothing more to say, and the default help will then be displayed.

In another example, a user on his first day on the job changes the default Type from "Standard" to "Verbose" to get additional explanations, tips, graphics, etc. whenever that is available. After 3 months on the job, he changes the Type to "Abbreviated" to get only the short summaries whenever those are available.

Note that your help types and cross-types may be different since they can be set by your Administrator. Common variants are by language and job function. Having set your preferences, Help Meister will record them for your next visit or call for help.

As you use Help Meister, it has its own built-in help to describe what you can do with it (of course). Click on Get Help, the next slide along the top, to see what pop-up help is available on the Preferences form below.

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