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Help Meister's Search command begins with the option to look for text or just list all the help records, the latter viable for smaller websites.

In the example below, the user wishes to search for any help record that mentions the word "import" or "export". If she had selected "all" instead of "any of", only those help records would be found that had all (both) "import" and "export".

Below the horizontal line, users can further define the search results, to sort the results ascending or descending (up or down), or by relevancy or alphabetically. Relevancy lists the help records first that contain the search terms more often. For many matches, users can choose to display them 20, 50, 100 at a time with the "Return max" option.

The "Submit" button below, yielded the two help records listed to the right. The fine print below each shows how many times the search terms "import" and "export" were found.

You can click on the name of the help record to the right of "Matches" to see the pop-up help. Clicking the second one in the example below would display the "Security Level" help shown in the pop-up help we started with.

Note that the "Importing Metadata" search result has two types of help we can click on. The first is "Standard" for "Map User - Public", the common or default help, and the second is "Standard" for "Admin" users, with more advanced or technical info about importing metadata.

Q. When do we use "Search" or "Keywords"?
A. Use "Search" if you're sure a term exists in the help record. Use "Keywords" if you know an area of interest, but not the exact words in relevant help records.

Pulling everything together is Help Meister's online Help Manual. Click on Manual, the next slide along the top, to see how this works.

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Welcome Pop-Up Help Keywords Search Manual Manual Print Preferences Help

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